I’m back! Why I went offline for a year


A story of swapping careers, freelancing and moving back home at thirty

Sooo… here we go again! It’s been a whole lot of months since the last time I wrote in here, but as we all know, 2020 (and 2021 so far!) has been a heck of a year… 

Thus, really, hello everyone and welcome back on Lily’s Colours!

I’m here to pick up the slack and try and give this blog a fresh coat of content but also explain why I missed for so long.

If a pandemics wasn’t enough, 2020 for me meant completely changing my life as I’m now finally working as a freelance copywriterdreams do come true sometimes!

Also, my previous relationship ended, I changed city and, most importantly, I moved back home. This is great as I missed my hometown more than I liked to admit but at the same time… l’m now being kindly hosted at my parents’ since Jan 2020. Basically… More than a whole year.

Can you imagine moving back at your parents’ at thirty? Yep, that’s me! One year ago I packed all my belongings into boxes, left the city I had lived in for four years and drove back home, shutting most of my stuff in my grandma’s garret. 

So, this amount of life-shifts really meant a change in perspective and this took time, energy and creativity, requiring me to spend time offline rather than online. 

Now a year later, I feel I am finally ready to come back here and start sharing my life again, while spending an evening studying the latest iOS 14 update, all my days doing SEO copywriting for customers and weekends reading all I can about marketing, consumer psychology and design thinking.

So, the big question: what can you expect from this blog from now on? 

Well, if you asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said that beauty was out of the picture. But to be fair, while I’m trying to move towards a more minimalist lifestyle and finish up my old skincare stash (let’s be honest, I don’t need four-currently-in-use toning lotions) I found out I’m still enjoying beauty. I just need to find a way to share my new and less consumerist approach to it. 

Thus, Lily’s Colours will still be about

But also

  • Kitchen
  • Books 
  • Freelancer’s life

Basically it’ll be about life in general and I hope I can combine the long days I spend writing for work, with this lighter and enjoyable content. 

I really hope you will follow along with me!

So see you soon



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