A new hit in my wardrobe: Femea Floating Bags’ Mini Pochette

femea floating bags mini pochette

Hello everyone!

Today I’m back to talk about Femea, the Italian brand that last year launched a collection of sculpture bags (made out of marble – yes, marble) to pay tribute to Italy. 

This year, they’ve released a brand new collection, Floating Bags, and they’ve been so kind to send me one of their Mini Pochettes in the shade tangerine to try it out and enjoy a summer in the sign of design.

And let me tell you… Summer has just begun and I’m loving it! 


Femea Floating Bags

The collection was designed by Fabiana Scrudato and Luca Cantele in order to blend architecture, design and geometry in a unique item, and that’s what I love the most. 

In fact, if you search on the market, there’s nothing alike neither in shape nor in concept. 

Have you ever worn a bag that recalls artists like Zaha Hadid, Antonio Gaudì and Daniel Liebeskind with its shape? Well, I haven’t and the way they’ve chiselled its geometric path to play with light and movement, taking inspiration from Deconstructivist Architecture, really enthralls me.

It isn’t just fashion but, once again, a piece of design to wear around.


My Tangerine Mini Pochette 

While I don’t normally use mini bags with straps on nights out, I love this as a tiny pochette bag (imagine, living light and enjoying a happy hour on the beach, on a Sunday night, with nothing more than a Mini Pochette, keys, phone and money. Who needs more?) or as my travel purse.

In fact, I’ve just spent a weekend on Garda Lake and this was on top of my packing list. Small, compact, beautiful: the perfect way to face the journey and have everything I need with me.

Also, let’s talk colours: how gorgeous is this tangerine? To me this is THE summer shade by definition. More than yellow, more than red or light blue, orange is June, July and August condensed in a tint. So, when Femea asked me which colour I’d like to wear, I had no doubt whatsoever.


Wear it outside the box

The only thing I would have probably liked more was a shorter strap, so that Mini Pochette could become a full-fledged hand bag. 

I know this feature is available on its sisters Clutch and Envelope bag (whose size I am so in love with, I would wear it pretty much every day if I owned a coral one!). 

Tangerine is a rock shade, though, so I’m actually thinking I might try and fit a small scarf with a bow knot and wear it outside the box.


Colours and models 

On Femea’s website you will find all the shades (and let me tell you, they are A LOT) and the four models available for this collection: 

  • Mini Pochette
  • Clutch
  • Envelope bag
  • City Bag

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