Italy my Love: Presenting City Collection by Femea Milano

City Collection by Femea Milano

If you’ve been reading Lily’s Colours for a while, you probably know that I don’t often talk about Italy, neither when it’s time to travel, nor when it comes to food and traditions. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and never say a word about it – I know: SHAME. ON. ME. That’s why, when I’ve been presented with this project, it felt like the right time to make amends. What am I talking about? Definitely City Collection by Femea Milano, a brand new line of sculpture bags brought to the market by the artistic duo of Luca Cantele and Fabiana Scrudato. 


You know when you visit a place and you wish you could bring a piece with you? You take a beautiful picture and you’d love to have it always on display to remind you of that special trip, the atmosphere, the magic in the air? Well, for Venice (my beloved Venice!), Rome and Milan that’s now possible. And I’m not referring to a simple print on a fabric. I’m talking about a work of art encarved into an actual piece of marble and embedded into a real bag you can carry around – if that doesn’t feel like Italy, the country of art and architecture, I don’t know what does. 


Available both in black and white, City Collection encloses a deep, felt, tribute to Italy. All bags are made of high quality leather and travertine marble that, hand-crafted by master artisans from scratch to the final details, make each of them unique and unrepeatable. So, if you fell in love with piazza di Spagna in Rome, piazza Duomo in Milan or ponte di Rialto in Venice, this is definitely the way to go. 


Where can you buy City Collection by Femea? 

All bags are available from Femea’s website in black and white, ranging from €800.00 to €1,100.00 according to the size (small, medium or large). 


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