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My name is Elena and I’m a Content Creator based in Pordenone, a small town in the sunny North East of Italy, not far from Venice. 

I created Elena’s Edit back in 2016 to share my love for beauty, travels, lifestyle and food

The purpose of this little corner of the internet is simple.

Living a busy life on the wave of a freelance career (and you do too, I am sure!), I’ve got to learn the healing power of small things: those little gestures that might sound obvious and yet, they help us take care of ourselves and unwind from hectic days and crowded thoughts.

Taking 10 minutes off to apply a face mask behind closed doors, dipping hands in an apple pie for the family, forgiving yourself for not working on a weekend and escaping for the day instead…

Lily's Colours_Elena Prizzon

It’s all about the time we commit to ourselves and what we love, conscious that life is too short to see it pass through.

Elena’s Edit is my journey to living a balanced life and if you want to explore your inner self and build your way to a conscious existence, I will be more than happy to have you on the train! 

A little more about me

I am a freelance SEO Specialist and Copywriter and I spend my days in front of my laptop, navigating through words, ideas, deadlines and a fair amount on HTML too.

I work in a co-working hub, drink too much coffee, am intolerant to gluten (which always spices up dinners with friends!) and I belong to the rare group of people that love running, but only on a treadmill.

I lived in Padua for five years, in Manchester for two, and then moved back to Venice and Treviso, where I worked in events and communication for five years. In 2020, just one month before the pandemics, I moved back home in Pordenone, rented a desk and put heart and soul in my own freelance project: since then, life has been a real rollercoaster, but heck yes if it’s worth it!

Today I write for my clients, for my work-related website and for Elena’s Edit.

Wanna win my attention? Get me a box of Maltesers and I’m all yours!

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