February Inspiration: Everything I Am Loving This Month

– A gathering of all the pieces that are keeping me inspired this February –



I live in a small flat in the north east of Italy not too far from Venice – half an hour drive from one of the most beautiful and mysterious city in the world. I love my home with its classic furniture spruced up by the brighten and contemporary touches I added, however as anyone renting a place I dream the day I will grab the keys my own house. Now, I’m not sure when this will ever happen, but in the meantime the imperative is to keep inspired and prepare my other half to what decorating a whole house with me might mean (!). My motto is ‘bring out the moodboard’ and these homes really work as a daydream:

The keywords: bright, eclectic, white, sophisticated, American and with a big garden. Oh, did I mention the dachshund too?


If there was a kitchen I could live in right now, that would totally be Alix Carey‘s and here’s why. The Unicorn Cookbook is the most stinkin cute recipe collections I’ve ever seen and I just didn’t resist the first time I saw it on Instagram. Straight onto my wishlist and you know, one thing leads to another… Here we are now, me and the unicorns.



As I said, a blooming garden is in my dreams since a lifetime, but flowers are one of my daily obsessions too. When I can, I am all for Saturday raids to the flowers market – getting a fresh bundle of tulips or peonies to dress my bedroom or shelves up really fills my heart with joy. I constantly take pictures of flowers and if this wasn’t enough, my Pinterest feed is full of beautiful flower images I keep watching and swiping. In fact, it isn’t later than yesterday that the first peony of the season (pale pink, can’t help) has joined me and my plan to transform the balcony into a Spring Oasis this year. March is just round the corner and while I wait for it, I fall in love with these over and over again: 


It’s hard not to be a bujo-junkie these days and, useless to say, one of my new addictions is to tirelessly search the internet and let the inspiration flow. Below, my never-ending Pinterest board:

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