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A review of Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš

Last summer Ale and I felt the urge to unplug for a couple of days and spend a weekend surrounded by nature, phones switched off and no one to focus on, other than the two of us. We hence booked a wooden hut in a glamping resort in Slovenia, just one hour away from Hungary, and drove through the hills to reach our quiet spot.

Here’s a recount of our little elopement to Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš!

What is glamping

First things first, if you’ve never glamped, you need to know that glamping is very similar to camping, it  just involves comfy accommodations and some upgraded facilities (saunas, cafés, etc…) around. In other words, it’s by all means luxe camping or glamour camping and it’s designed to offer you a nice getaway in nature, without compromising on your habits.

Still, it’s camping and it does involve a dose of adventure!

In fact, what you can expect from glamping is a quite broad variety of accommodations (from bell tents to wooden tents, up to bungalows with nice patios) with a genuine connection to the outdoors, so that you can enjoy all the experiences associated with traditional camping.

If you are planning a glamping trip, therefore, make sure you know all the services offered by the venue and what you will need to count for instead, such as:

  • Sheets 
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Food & drinks
  • Flashlights
  • Camping stove
  • Power banks

Our experience at Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš

Before we set off from Italy, we packed the car with everything we needed to go off grid for a couple of days: a picnic basket full of goodies, a camping stove, comfy clothes, our camera gear, books, running shoes, two flashlights and gluten-free food (I am intolerant to gluten!).

That being done, we set our sat-nav and headed straight to Slovenia, the first country to be declared a Green Destination of the World.

After a four-hour drive from our hometown, what we found at Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš was a nice and tiny glamping site settled on the banks of a small, green lake (Blaguško jezero) and run by young and friendly staff.

Now, if you’ve already been to Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno, the other glamping run by Charming Slovenia, don’t expect anything like that. Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš is relatively new and still needs to be polished up with services. Still, if you are looking for an adventurous break, it’s a nice spot to be in.

On site you can find a café serving breakfasts (gluten-free options available upon reservation) and drinks until 10 p.m., 16 wooden huts and a couple of bungalows looking out on the lake.

We booked a wooden hut (which only has space for a double bed and two small suitcases/big backpacks), relying on good weather and our desire for strolling around in nature.

However, be aware that choosing this accommodation also means shared showers and toilets, both set next to the café – literally in the outdoors -, no light in the evening, no sockets to charge your phone and no space to cook/grill, unless you have your own camping stove. 

In fact, the only three sockets available on site are next to the toilets and they have to do for every guest in peak season. Also, since huts lay on a grassy ground awash with sunshine at least half of the day, the temperature in the wooden tents can get very hot in summer.

At the same time, the view we woke up to, in the morning, was beautiful and peaceful, and it truly reflected our idea of detox from the city: no cars, no phones, no stress… Just the two of us, very quiet neighbors, birds singing and the smell of freshly cut wood.

What to do and see around Brezje

Set half an hour away from Marburg and Ptuj, Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš lays in the middle of the Slovenian countryside, surrounded by hills, old cabins and forests. The area is splendid and really helps you slow down the pace and refocus.

Any activities you can do there are, in fact, connected to nature!

We literally spent two days relaxing, reading, and sunbathing in the shade of the big trees dotting the slope next to the huts. We took nice walks around, explored the little forest nearby and found refreshment in a lovely picnic by the lake with raspberry muffins, sandwiches, white wine and fresh fruit.

We rented a boat and went on a little adventure on Blaguško jezero surrounded by dragonflies which, I found out, are very common there. At dawn, we watched the sun fading into the hills, sitting on the dock, shoulder to shoulder, drinks in hands and not a thought in the world. 

And then, the last afternoon, we were caught in a summer storm, which meant a lot of cuddling in bed, listening to the rain on the roof and, as soon as it ceased, pulling off our camping kit to cook a hot soup for dinner.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect adventurous elopement?!

Flowers at Blaguško jezero
Exploring Blaguško jezero
What to do in Blaguško jezero
Renting a boat in Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš

Other things you can do around

When staying at Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš you can also rent a stand-up paddle or swim in the lake, as well as rent bikes and explore around.

Marborg and Ptuj are just half an hour away from the resort and they enclose beautiful examples of European architecture. I personally loved Ptuj, with its small streets and old buildings! Also, Ljubljana is just 1.5 hour west and, if you get the chance, you shouldn’t miss it.

Eating in Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš

So, as I mentioned, the venue only serves breakfast and (possibly?) light lunch. In the evening, though, there’s a lovely pizza van right on site where you can get takeaway food and drinks for dinner. 

Brezje also offers a tiny supermarket (closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays!), but if you are looking for a standard shop, you will need to reach the nearby town of Lenart (20 mins drive).

Due to my allergy, we haven’t been on the lookout for restaurants; however we’ve been told by the staff that there’s a couple of options to choose from, nearby. 

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Glamping in Blaguško jezero


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