Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincare Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincare


What’s In my beauty cabinet? September – it’s that month of the year again and although the mercury hasn’t gone down yet, I’m starting to feel the bell ringing for rusty sweaters, yellowing leaves and cozy nights on the sofa with hot tea. I have been wanting to write a “What’s in my beauty cabinet” forever and now it feels like the perfect time for sorting out my beauty supplies and update you guys on what I’ve been using lately, what I plan to incorporate and the ultimate skincare tips for autumn.

Today it’ll be make up removers, cleansers and toning lotions’ turn and then soon I’ll give the way to moisturisers, serums and face masks. You will find the link in this post too as soon as it’s out, anyway. This being said, on with my beauty cabinet!


An autumn skincare selection is super useful to evaluate what you have and what you need, dig into drawers and bring to life buried treasures and most importantly get rid of anything expired. In fact, although I wouldn’t say I’m a massive buyer into seasonal beauty and I usually don’t change my skincare routine from top to bottom based on the month of the year, I still have a few products I only use during the colder months and vice versa. This is the perfect moment for bringing them back on the stage. Also, skin can change from a year to another and this often requires an update in the products and tools we use, leading to half empty jars and used-to-be-good formulas that are no longer satisfying. I’ve always had combination skin and this is still the case, but while there are areas that drive me nuts with oil production, I’m starting to notice that my complexion is locally turning dry and dull more than ever now, which makes the worst mix really (combination skin blues babe!) – definitely calling for a change in my skincare.


Starting from make up removers, I have quite a history of looking for the perfect solution and I can call myself quite satisfied now with the Cleansing Milk and Make Up Remover Wipes by Acqua alle Rose. 100% Italian, these two have a fantastic rose scent and they are both very gentle, especially on the eyelid. Given the creamy and rich formula, I love the cleansing milk more because it comes in very handy when I have sensitive or sore eyes, (which happens quite often during the colder months). I apply a pump on the hands and then massage it into the skin until makeup is melted, then rinse. But wipes still have a big say. In fact, while I usually don’t love wipes as they can be pretty harsh, I find that these have a great texture that doesn’t irritate the skin nor takes forever to remove makeup, so I always have a pack on hand for when I’m tired. Plus bonus: they are sold in almost any large supermarket and they are very affordable, which makes them a cool option for any wallet.

I also have a bottle of Garnier Skin Micellar Cleansing Water (pink lid for sensitive skin) but being honest with you, I’m not a big fan as it makes my eyes itch, particularly when I go down too generous on the cotton pad. I still want to get to the end of it, it isn’t the kind of reaction that I would call dangerous and I reckon that if I use less product the situation improves massively, but still. I know that most people have spoken magic about it but for some reason it seems not doing well on me.

Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincare Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincare

Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincareOn to face washes, I’m currently shifting between two products that help me balance out sebum production. La-Roche Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser for Oily Skin is my first choice when I want something gentle and fresh on the skin as its formula enriched with zinc pidolate helps thoroughly clean any oil without overdrying. It’s been sitting in my beauty cabinet during the whole of summer (you really need a few drops at time, so it lasts forever) and I’m definitely holding on to it for both morning and night in autumn too. Next in line for a firmer action there’s Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment. This jelly stick is a godsend for detoxifying the skin and giving it a burst of energy during those days when you struggles to go back to “normal” oil production. I try not to use it for long periods as the oil-absorbing power pairs up with an effective scrub which I can be a little aggressive when applied for many days in a row, but other than that I love it. In fact, it’s one of my top picks when it comes to a good skin pampering session.

Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincare

Beauty cabinet_ultimate skincare_skincare tips for autumn_autumn skincarePREPPING FOR NOURISHMENT

Autumn skincare calls for extra attention in ensuring the skin is ready for moisture, so there’s always room for one or two good toners on the bathroom shelf. In fact, toning lotions are a fundamental step when doing your skincare because they are designed to rebalance skin after washing as well as getting rid of stubborn dirt and make up and at the same time prep it for the following treatments.

Roberts is the star of my cabinet again with Acqua alle Rose Tonico Rinfrescante coming first amongst my faves for something like the past year and a half – no jokes when I say I always keep a backup bottle in my drawer. Super gentle, this refreshing lotion contains 95% of natural ingredients such as rose extracts which help complexion feel toned and soft. If my skin feels dried and sore, this is the product I go for and I honestly use it as an extra credit for my face all year round, no season excluded. The other product that can’t miss on my shelf is Pixi Glow Tonic, my best ally when it comes to brightening the skin. While I haven’t used it during the summer because of glycolic acid which is a photosensitising ingredient, I plan to incorporate it back into my autumn skincare asap in order to hinder the dull effect that the typical Venetian colder months (no sun, loads of damp and fog) bring with them. If you are curious to know more about this toning lotion – one of the best on the market in my opinion – you can read my full review here

All right guys, this is all for the first part of my beauty cabinet tour and the ultimate skincare tips for autumn. Stay tuned for the second part coming soon with a lot more on 360° moisture and as usual if you have any suggestions please leave them below or just message me on Instagram!


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