My favourite Yankee Candles for spring

best yankee candles for spring

“March is the month of Expectation” wrote Emily Dickinson. To me, March is the month of rebirth, a month where spring finds its way through winter and the days get longer and brighter. This time of the year, to me, means a house full of flowers and marks the shift from warm and christmassy scents to fresh fragrances. And, as I am a huge fan of Yankee Candles, especially Wax Melts, here’s a list of all the Yankee Candles I love for spring!

Floral scented Yankee Candles

best floral yankee candles

When it comes to scents, there’s nothing like floral ones as their delicate touch is perfect for any occasion without interfering with other smells in the house. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, if I’m having guests or I’m about to cook dinner: floral wax melts are just appropriate any time.

Aloe Water

First on the list, there’s Aloe Water: a super fresh wax melt enriched with a sweet touch than makes it great for refreshing the atmosphere with naturale and invigorating notes.

Peony & Fresh Cut Roses

The first being more intense and sweet, the latter delicate and elegant, I love both these wax melts and their beautiful fragrance for the weekend when, driven by the good mood of two days spent detoxing, I’m all for an imaginary trip to an English garden. Fresh Cut Roses, though, is by far my favourite, as its touch is light and clean.


This is the wax melt I love the least as its sweet and rich scent is somehow too strong from time to time. Mostly, though, I don’t really feel the smell of lavender: to me it has certainly a lot to do with flowers, but I wouldn’t say it’s fresh or relaxing. It’s warm instead! I still find it a good option for the evening, but it doesn’t drive me crazy like the others.

Strong floral Yankee Candles

My favourite Yankee Candles for spring

Pink Hibiscus

With its intense scent, this wax melt is richer than the other candles. It has a lemony and spicy pinch that, blended with the delicacy of hibiscus, makes it interesting and crispy. If you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s perfect for the first warm evenings in May that are a sweet presage to summer.

Midnight Jasmine

As for Pink Hibiscus, Midnight Jasmine has a strong floral soul – you do really need a small piece to perfume the whole house! I truly love it as it makes me think of summer and those hot nights where the air is filled with the penetrating scent of jasmine. Yankee Candle added honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin flowers to mitigate its power, giving this wax melt such a peculiar touch. Again, I love this candle for late-spring evenings!

A Child’s Wish

Inspired to field flowers, this fragrance is a blend of many aromas. When I smell it, I feel fields, fresh grass, dry flowers and a fine touch that makes it spicier than other wax melts. Still, it’s the most delicate amongst these strong floral essences and I’d say it’s perfect if you love warmer and structured scents.

Clean scented Yankee Candles

Clean scented Yakee Candles

About my love for clean scents I written many times now (the first, possibly, when talking about my favourite fragrances for summer, the very first post appeared on this blog!). So, of course, I couldn’t do any different this time: it’s an evergreen that I just can’t help with, the perfect choice for every day of the year.

Clean Cotton

Number 1 in my all-time favourites, Clean Cotton smells like Marseille soap mixed with something fresh and light, and it drives me crazy. I have been using this wax melt for years and I have never got enough. Nor too strong neither too rich, it can make the whole house smell like the cleanest place on the Earth: it’s perfect for bedrooms too.

Fluffy Towels

Even more delicate than Clean Cotton, this wax melt is great for bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s perfumes exactly like what you’d expect: white, fluffy towels just rolled out of the washing machine. A dream become true!

Soft Blanket

Last and a bit least, this is again a stronger and sweeter scent. Its clean touch is mixed to warmer and enveloping aromas, which make this wax melt somehow difficult to use if not in the livingroom and when the days aren’t too warm and a blanket on the sofa is still appreciated.

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