My Favourite Fragrances for Summer

Hello everyone!

As the hottest days of July fly, I thought I might give my first official post on the blog a nice and fresh taste, so I will be talking about my favourite summer perfumes.

I must say, I don’t actually own many fragrances even though I dream of having one of those beautiful dressers with a corner adorned with pretty scented bottles. However, I like to try new things and experiment with cosmetics, so, after tasting many perfumes over the years, here you have my top 4 summer essences.


In one sentence: J’adore is THE Perfume to me. I’ve been using it for more than 10 years now and I just can’t have enough of it. To be honest, sun or rain, summer or winter, I will always have the time for a little J’adore spray.

I love the fact that it has this enveloping, flowery smell that isn’t too sweet or strong, a delicate and yet very sophisticated essence that makes me fall in love with it every time. I guess for me J’adore is like Chanel N°5 for many women.

Describing the feeling of smelling it is quite hard, it feels like gold and elegance – I might be just a bit influenced by the packaging and the TV advert, I reckon -. It’s just divine. You know like in “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind, when Jean-Baptiste is creating the most paradisiacal perfume in the world? J’adore is how I figured it had to be while I was reading the novel and yes, I too would kill for it!

The ingredients for its bouquet are:

TOP NOTE: Ylang-ylang essence from the Comoro Islands

HEART NOTE: Damascena Rose Essence

BASE NOTE: Sambac Jasmine Absolute


I am definitely a fresh-not-too-spicy-essence kind of person and this is particularly true for the sunny months here in Italy, where I like to wear something that helps me feel refreshed throughout the day. That’s why, when I want a bit of energy for the hours to come, my choice goes to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.

To me its smell is a contrast of different sensations, sweet and sour, flowery and citrusy at the same time. And this is what I like about this perfume, how it feels a bit “unpredictable” and “new” when I smell it, even after years I’ve been using it. So, if you like me are sometimes in the mood for some daily friskiness, then I’ll definitely recommend this!

I actually think this perfume might be sold only in Italy. If so, you can find it in any beauty store selling big brands and perfumes such as Sephora, Douglas, Tulipano or Acqua & Sapone. A men version of Light Blue is also available; it is a bit less fruity and is male-targeted but still very fresh and light – and just in case you are wondering, yes, I did buy this for my loved one too.

TOP NOTES: Sicilian citron, apple and bluebell

HEART NOTES: Jasmine, white rose and bamboo

BASE NOTES: Citrus tree wood, amber and musk



Finally a little gem discovered while wandering around in the streets of Bologna.

SoloMio is a completely customisable perfume made at Profumo di Fiori, a little shop near the church of Santo Stefano in Bologna. Here, once you’ve lingered on every piece of home décor, candle and cosmetics, the owner will let you choose amongst a number of different scents and will prepare your own personal perfume in front of you.

One of my secret passions are light, calming and soothing scents of clean. Whether that’s for me or for the house it doesn’t matter, as long as it smells like a fresh piece of cotton just come out of the hands of a housewife. So, I chose to compose my SOLOMIO with SILK AND COTTON essences and this has become a must for me whenever I need a little treat for myself.


¾ Silk essence

¼ Cotton essence

Also, just to keep on the citrusy side, I’ve got a second SOLOMIO with CITRUS, VANILLA & BERGAMOT AND MINT. Again, this has a very fruity and sour scent made sweet by the vanilla touch and refreshed by the mint sprinkle which helps keep it light and summery rather than too sugary.


¾ Mediterranean Citrus

¼ Vanilla & Bergamot

A sprinkle of Mint

Thus, if you find yourself in Bologna and you wish to visit the shop, here’s how to reach Profumo di Fiori:

Profumo di Fiori

Via Santo Stefano 14


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