My Favourite Fall Nail Varnish

Favourite fall nail varnish

Autumn is my favourite season of all and, when it rolls in, I am a strong supporter of all things warm and earthy. If you are anything like me and literally fall for fall, you’ll know this has to do with more than a pure trend. It truly is about self-care: slowing down, storing summer and its hectic days, contemplating nature changing, and finally being reconciled with my inner rhythms. 

I truly love embracing fall’s magic, whether that’s snuggling on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea, dipping my hands into a homemade Italian pumpkin pie recipe, or wrapping up in a warm sweater. And nail polish makes no difference to me, as it’s little touches like these that help me enter the mood and focus on taking care of myself.
So, as a hand pampering session in front of Netflix is my secret pleasure these days, here’s the fall nail varnish I’m loving the most lately.

Best nail varnish colors for autumn

Let’s start with the greens: Kiko and Deborah Milano do two of my faves this year. A soft, delicate light green (Kiko Smart Nail Lacquer Muget Green) and a full, sprucey dark green (Deborah Gel Effect no 119) I personally find super flattering and refined, especially with a nice velvet dress or a pure white wool sweater. Can you feel the good vibes flowing?

I wear these two on different occasions, but what I love of both is that they can easily go with smart and casual outfits: Kiko’s green isn’t a too-much-in-your-face shade and Debora’s one is just… WOW all the time.

Brown, on the other side, is my 2021 find. In fact, I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve never owned a chocolate nail polish until a few weeks ago, when I fell in love with the colour while browsing the nth fall-related pin on Pinterest.

Now, I originally fell for Pupa Zero Calorie Chocolate, but I have searched local shops far and wide and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere (and if I can’t find it in Italy, I can only imagine you! But if you can get hold of it, try it). Instead, I bumped into Deborah Milano Brown 27 (Formula Pura) and, although this was not my first choice, I’m pretty happy with it!

nail polish ideas for fall

On the earthy side of things, I also love Essie Kaf-tan (no 705), a must have ochre I can’t help with since last year (and it’s still holding on to its texture like the first day!) and Kiko 03 Nude Beje (Smart Nail Lacquer), a beautiful nude shade perfect all year round. 

Eventually there’s my guilty pleasure too: Pupa Milano Aubergine (Lasting Color Gel no 103). I say guilty as I actually had promised myself I wouldn’t buy any other nail polish, but I simply couldn’t help with this glorious dark prune. In my defense, the bottle is pretty small, which is great as it means less product waste once it grows dry.

As you might notice, I haven’t included any reds into this year’s favourite fall nail varnish (if you are curious for more inspiration, here’s another blogpost on Kiko autumn and winter nail varnish shades) but since I wear red all year round, I wanted to play around a little instead of sticking to the colour I use pretty much any time I have an event (a fancy dinner, parties, weddings… I’m obsessed with reds!).

Green nail varnish for autumn

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