Long lasting nail varnish: a review of Jessica Cosmetics

Jessica Cosmetics review

Some time ago, I asked you if you had any advice on nail varnish that truly lasts long, ’cause even brands like Essie and OPI don’t last more than a couple of days on me. Well, I have good news! Looking online and instore, I have finally stumbled upon Jessica Cosmetics, an Aussie brand that has one of the best nail varnish collection I’ve ever tried in many years of love for handcare. Totally a hit!

The collection

In Italy, you can find Jessica Cosmetics in beauty salons and professional shops. It comes with different lines such as the plain Jessica Custom Nail Colour, the UV-free and semi-permanent Phenom, the gel line GELeration and a number of PRO nailcare products.

I’m not a huge fan of gel, so I went for Phenom and completed it with a base and a top coat. These are my steps for a manicure that lasts up to a week (the assistant in store promised me 15 days, but for now my record doesn’t break the 7 days – that are very much appreciated anyways!).

Long lasting nail varnish review

The base: Restoration base coat for post-acrylic or damaged nails

I have very fragile nails and this product works miracles as it’s a hardening base coat. Once applied, it stays solid and avoids nail varnish cracks due to soft nails that, even when short, fold under the pressure of daily chores.

If you have nails that tend to crumble, you just need to be a little bit careful as this base coat holds onto the nail pretty strong. If you break a nail, you might end up with the first layer of it sticking to the base and ripping off.

My advice then is to use this base only when you really need a manicure that lasts forever (an event, a trip, a special week…), possibly treating your nails with strengthening products the days before. Onico Fix is a great!

Jessica Cosmetics base coat review

Nail varnish: Phenom Vivid Colour – Lap of Luxury

Phenom comes in different shades that can be applied without using UV ovens or special removers. Prices range from €10 to €15 depending on the colour and performance chosen. Personally, I love warm shades such as earthy tones, reds and purples (see my favourite nail varnish for autumn here!), so I chose Lap of Luxury. And surprise surprise, after the first layer, the shade is already full-bodied and beautiful, although still easy to apply and not too thick. Two layers and you get the perfect effect.

Jessica Cosmetics Phenom review

Top coat: Phenom Finale Shine

Here comes the m-a-g-i-c!

I am a huge fan of Dior Abricot Top Coat and I’d never thought there could be a better product around. BUT this top coat equals it for shine and drying (literally two minutes) and beats it on the lasting, extending it up to 10 days. Of course, you can apply it on other nail varnish too and I promise your mani will last a week without damage. 100% recommended!

Jessica Cosmetics top coat review

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