Not long ago I wrote a post about all the beauty purchases I had been guilty of during my coast to coast in the States and among all the gems I had fallen in love with I had spoken to you about Shiseido Pureness Moisturizing Gel-Cream. Months have passed, testing has been done and now it’s time to get to my findings. And yes, I do have a pink bathroom!


I must have probably said it a hundred times now, but having combination skin I usually find it pretty hard to get my hands on a product that can properly moisturize without having my face get sticky within minutes. This is not the case with Shiseido Pureness Moisturizing Gel-Cream as this little jewel works perfectly on my complexion, adding the exact touch of hydration I need and drying quickly. Applying foundation really is just a matter of seconds.

So talking pros, my great discovery is that I can use it in the morning without any addition of powder and for the first time in years I can go the whole day without experiencing the usual shine effect. Not to mention when I am wearing mattifying make up and shine-control papers are no longer a need in life. In fact, the product promises to join the beneficial action of oil-absorbing technology with the botanic extract of Palo Azul, bringing renewed balance to skin. I feel though, that being so light and delicate, it clearly isn’t a super hydrating formula, which means that there are certain dry areas requiring extra care during the night – particularly nose, chin and around the lips for me – but I’m more than happy to pamper my skin in the evening if necessary.


Together with a hot cup of coffee my routine is made of a 60-second massage with Clarisonic + Dior Hydra Life, a spritz of lavender essential oil mixed with water to calm down blemishes and then, sandwiched in between Acqua Distillata Alle Rose by Roberts and a primer, a light layer of Shiseido Pureness Moisturizing Gel-Cream.

All in all, I can safely state that this gel-cream has ranked first in my favourite moisturizer-list so far and I am very curious to see if the jar will make it to summer as I’d love to find out how the product works during the hottest months. For texture, perfume, non-comedogenic formula and waving goodbye to shiny complexion it gets a passed with flying colours from me.



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